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10 methods to judge whether the ultrasound probe working regularly or not

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The cheap ultrasound machines is one of the costly and common used in hospital. Thus, it's very common that the ultrasound probe breaks down for various reasons. Here technicians in MEDSINGLONG GLOBAL GROUP CO.,LTD tell you how to analyze the malfunction in it.
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Firstly, appearance (whether there's any breakage)
1. Damage on acoustical lens will result in coupling agent into the probe, which affects the detection range or even no images.
2. Bubbles on the acoustical lens will lead to this situation, we need to press the lens to get images.
3. Acoustic lens is convergence or divergence of sound wave acoustic components, the probe can't function when lens is missing.

Secondly, there's dark stripe in ultrasound display area
No signal input or output in the probe will lead to dark stripe, reasons may be:
4. One quartz vibrator inside the probe breaks down
5. The cables which sends signal breaks down
6. Copper lines on the signal board break down
7. The chip inside the signal board is pseudo soldering or burns out

Thirdly, Image blurring
8. Normal wear and tear of the probe itself.
9. Poor operational environment. Temperature, humidity, corrosive gas and dust in the air and other factors may cause instrument malfunction.
10. Probe shielded wire and ground wire no grounding or broken lead to interference. Ultrasound probe cable is adopted by the high quality requirements of high multi-fiber shielded cable. Due to the frequent use of probe, the cable is easy to damage, which results in blurring images.

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