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Difference between ultrasound scanners for human and for animals

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Many people are confused about human ultrasound machines and veterinary ones.  So what are their difference?

The upper limit of human frequency (about 20 kHz) is due to the limitation of the middle ear. If high-intensity ultrasound is directly input into the human skull and it reaches the cochlea through bone conduction instead of the middle ear, auditory sensation may occur .
Children can hear treble that some older people cannot hear, because in humans, the upper limit of hearing is often reduced with age. An American mobile phone company used this technology to create ringtone signals that can only be heard by young people , but many older people can hear these signals, which may be due to a considerable change in age-related deterioration hearing thresholds. Mosquitoes are an electronic device that uses high frequencies to stop young people from being embarrassed.
Bats use ultrasound to navigate in the dark.
Dog Whistle, a whistle that emits sound in the ultrasonic range, for training dogs and other animals
Bats use various ultrasonic ranging (echolocation) techniques to detect their prey. They can detect frequencies in excess of 100 kHz, which can be as high as 200 kHz.
Many insects have good ultrasonic hearing, and most of them are nighttime insects that listen to bat echolocation. This includes many moths, beetles, praying mantids and lacewings groups. After hearing the bat, some insects will make evasive tactics to escape arrest. [8] The ultrasonic frequency triggers reflex action in the moth, causing it to drop slightly during flight to escape the attack [9]. Tiger moths also make a buzz, which may affect the echolocation of bats, but in other cases, it may also be possible to avoid being eaten by releasing sounds to advertise their toxic facts.
The hearing range of dogs and cats extends to ultrasound; the highest point of the dog's hearing range is approximately 45 kHz, while the cat's is 64 kHz. The wild ancestors of cats and dogs have advanced to a higher range of hearing in order to hear their favorite prey - the high-frequency sound produced by small rodents. The dog whistle is a whistle that emits ultrasound and is used for training and calling dogs. Most dog whistle frequencies range from 23 to 54 kHz.
Toothed whales, including dolphins, can hear ultrasound waves and use these sounds in their navigation system (biosonar) to locate and capture prey. Dolphins have the highest known hearing limit, approximately 160 kHz. Several fishes can detect ultrasound. In the order of Clupeiformes, members of the Alosinae subspecies (carp) have been shown to be able to detect sounds up to 180 kHz, while other subfamilies (eg carp) can only hear sounds up to 4 kHz.
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cheap ultrasound machine
Beside frequency, there are other difference:
Firstly in application fields, human ultrasound scanners are for hospitals and clinics, while animal ultrasound for farms, slaughterhouses, sanitary authorities, pet hospitals and so on. 
Secondly in purposes, human B ultrasound is for locating the placenta, measure of amniotic fluid, surveillance about the growth of fetal. At the same time, it can monitor deseases like Gallstones, cholecystitis, bile duct tumor, biliary ascariasis and obstructive jaundice. The vet ultrasound is mainly for animal pregnancy, measurement about the fetus's heart rate and gestation age. 
Thirdly in measuring parts. For example, on pregnancy test, human's parts are Pelvic, uterus and annex, while animal's parts are inner thigh, lateral nipple, if for large anilmals, it needs diagnose in the rectum. 
Fourthly in the volume, veterinary ultrasound scanners are portable. Medical ultrasound are generally desktop cart type. Thus, human ultrasound machines are more expensive. 
Fifthly in specifications, some human ultrasound machine can be used on animals, while veterinary ultrasound machine can't be used for human beings. 
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