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What is infectious disease - Medsinglong

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What is infectious disease - Medsinglong
Infectious Diseases are diseases caused by various pathogens that can be transmitted to and from humans, animals and animals, or between humans and animals. Most of the pathogens are micro-organisms, a small part of which is parasites, and parasitic parasites are also called parasitic diseases. For some infectious diseases, the epidemic prevention department must grasp its disease conditions in time and take timely measures. Therefore, after discovery, it should report to the local epidemic prevention department in a timely manner, which is called a legal infectious disease. There are 39 types of statutory infectious diseases in China, including A, B and C.
An infectious disease is an infectious disease that can be transmitted from one person or other species to another person or species through various pathways. Usually the disease can be caused by direct contact with infected individuals, body fluids and excretions of infected persons, and objects contaminated by infected persons. Airborne diseases, water sources, foods, contact, soils, and vertical transmissions can be used.
infectious disease
Infectious diseases are characterized by pathogens, infectious and epidemic, and are often immune after infection. Some infectious diseases are seasonal or local.
The classification of infectious diseases has not yet been unified. Some people have classified them according to pathogens, and others have been classified according to the route of transmission. The prevention of communicable diseases should adopt comprehensive measures to cut off the main communication links. The spread and epidemic of infectious diseases must have three links, namely, the source of infection (people or animals that can excrete pathogens), the route of transmission (pathway through which pathogens infect others), and the susceptible people (those who are not immune to the infection). 
If you can completely cut off one of the links, you can prevent the occurrence and prevalence of such infectious diseases. The weaknesses of various infectious diseases vary. Take full advantage of prevention. In addition to the main links, measures should be taken for other links. Only in this way can we better prevent various infectious diseases.
Infectiousness is the main difference between infectious diseases and other types of diseases. Infectious diseases mean that pathogens can be transmitted to others through various channels. The infectious period of infectious disease patients is called the infectious period. Pathogens are excreted from the host and reach new susceptible individuals through certain methods. They exhibit certain infectivity, and their intensities are related to the type, quantity, virulence, and immune status of susceptible individuals.
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