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Avoid Sugary Drinks outside of Meal Times

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Avoid Sugary Drinks outside of Meal Times

Many people think that fructose, which is the sugar found in fruit and fruit juice, is processed in the liver. However, a new study shows that fructose is processed primarily in the small intestine.
Researchers revealed that fructose is processed primarily in the small intestine but not in the liver. The study, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, reveals that when the small intestine becomes overwhelmed, processed, high-sugar foods and beverages can only spill over into the liver for processing.
Recent findings have added to the body's scientific knowledge of the effects of excess fructose.
We know from previous studies that excessive consumption of sugar is harmful to the liver, and chronic over-consumption can lead to obesity, increase insulin resistance and create conditions for the onset of diabetes.
Last year, a study showed that products that contain fructose, such as sweet drinks, can increase the risk of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. And that can cause cirrhosis or liver cancer. "
sugary drinks
In one study, the small intestine was found to remove fructose more efficiently after meals.
The team believes that individuals may be more susceptible to fructose during fasting, such as morning or noon, as the small intestine is less able to handle it during this time.
As Joshua D. Rabinowitz, author of the study at the Lewis-Siegler Institute for Integrated Genomics at Princeton University, explains, "At least from these animal studies we can offer some assurance that the right amount of fructose will not reach the liver."
Rabinowitz goes on to say: "We saw that feeding mice before the sugar exposure enhanced the ability of the small intestine to process fructose." This protects the liver and the microbiome from sugar exposure. "
Rabinowitz said the results support "the oldest advice in the world - "limiting the amount of desserts after a meal" and avoid sugary drinks outside of meal times.
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