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Cool thing for farmer or veterinarian in using veterinary ultrasound diagnosis product

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They have different densities and different ultrasound propagation speed according to different tissues and organs of animals,that is,different acoustic impedance characteristics to produce a certain frequency ultrasound,and with this kind of ultrasound enter the body of animal,we can almost see that,different organs of the body through the interface is generated reflection echo; echo reflected different sizes,so that after the turn received echo,the detector and digital processing such as scan conversion,form a standard video signal,showing the organ sectional images on a monitor screen.

What’s more,in the absence of any damage and irritation to the living conditions were observed section of a high-tech mean,which has become a veterinary diagnostic activity.Especially in the absence of any damage and irritation to the living conditions were observed section of a high-tech mean,which has become a veterinary diagnostic activities and beneficial for ovum pick,embryo transfer and other research necessary monitoring instruments.

In 1996,introduction of batch Canada AMI-900 type B-ultrasound veterinary instrument under the guidance and with the China Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Imaging Technology to the credits were applied across the country,and jointly organized technical training,but also set off a wave of promote and application of animal B-Ultrasound diagnostic techniques.

What is veterinary ultrasound diagnosis

So far our country has hundreds of units and individuals in the use of animal B-Ultrasound,including teaching and research units,animal hospitals,farms,dairy,sheep farm,zoo,and even individual veterinarian.After that,China's first small ultra beast--Yang xiaofeng has made some progress under his mentor Professor of China Agricultural University.Chinese people Yang xiaofeng who is famous for “China's first small ultra beast”in 2012,of who has been developing B-ultrasound imaging technology and the introduction of the UK's most advanced Easi-scan BCF technology under his mentor Professor named Deng lix in,who is from Agricultural University,China.

If you are a farmer or veterinarian,a Veterinary Ultrasound Machine can help you deal with some problems in time.Now,let me recommend you a more than five-year Professional Ultrasound Equipment manufacturer and also a developing Medical Ultrasound Devices team--MSL,Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.China.

MSL has been working in fields of Medical Ultrasound applications and product innovation.“More healthier in technology” is our pursuing goal and we are stepping to the idea of “Innovating technology,living healthier”.Therefore,people in MSL have made a contribution for human health in committing and promoting advanced technology products for many years.Furthermore,our company has passed the ISO13485 international quality management system certification,CE certification and RoHS certification.

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