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Ultrasound may be an early marker of vascular disease

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A new mouse study reports that ultrasound examinations prior to the onset of symptoms can promote early detection of vascular disease. The results of the study were published in the Ultrasound Journal.
A team led by the University of Leicester's School of Life Sciences collaborated with researchers at Leicester Hospital to perform longitudinal ultrasound studies on two vascular diseases, aortic aneurysm and atherosclerosis (AAA) mouse models to track Disease progression.
Ultrasonic scanning can detect a decrease in vascular function earlier, which may be used in the future to test new therapies to alleviate disease symptoms.  As part of the study, mice were anesthetized and their physiological status was closely monitored during ultrasound imaging.
Ultrasound may be an early marker of vascular disease
Ultrasound imaging is commonly used to diagnose and monitor a variety of diseases, including AAA, and can provide fast, real-time information about the ability of arteries to dilate and contract, often referred to as arterial dilation, of heart beat and relaxation.
A decrease in arterial dilation indicates an increase in arterial wall stiffness and can serve as an early marker of vascular changes associated with cardiovascular disease.
The first author's analysis in the University of Leicester's Justyna Janus paper revealed changes in the blood vessels of mice as the disease progressed, showing how ultrasound scans may lead to early detection of vasoactive function.
This knowledge will prove useful in future studies aimed at testing new therapies to alleviate the symptoms of underlying diseases.
Dr. Mike Kelly, a preclinical imaging manager from the University of Leicester, said: "Our research shows that lifestyle (diet) and genetic factors can increase the risk of vascular disease. Our research also shows that the ultrasonic method we use can be detected Early changes in vascular function can be used as markers for disease detection.
“In order to translate scientific discoveries into improvements in human health, the use of animals remains an important cornerstone of biomedical research. The School of Life Sciences has created a modern facility, the PRF, to support this necessary research. The unit accommodates a variety of More than 98% of small animal species are rodents or fish. The focus is on compassion and care for animals while achieving high quality research results, using well-trained animal care and technicians, and a rigorous local ethics review process. Supervision by local and government agencies to ensure that animals are used only when necessary and that their care and well-being are essential."
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