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Introduction of B-ultrasonic Apparatus: What is ultrasound? Why do we use B-ultrasounic apparatus?...

What is 3D and 4D ultrasound definition?
4D B&W ultrasound is the most advanced black and white ultrasonic equipment in the world. 4D ultrasonic technology is based on the 3D ultrasonic image and with the time dimension parameters, which can obtain the 3D image in real time...
ultrasonido portatil 4d doppler obstetrico : ultrasonido abdominal chison q5
Product Name:  ultrasonido portatil 4d doppler obstetrico : ultrasonido abdominal chison q5
Latest Price:
Model No.:  chison q5
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Quick Details

* 2D Steer
* Super needle
* Elastography
* Triplex
* Automatic PW trace and measurement in real time
* Quadplex
* Chroma B&M&PW
* Color M Mode
* Free Steering M Mode

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


ultrasonido portatil 4d doppler obstetrico : ultrasonido abdominal chison q5

CHISON Q5 delivers superb image quality for multi-applications in abdomen,OB/GYN,small parts, urology and MSK. With the advanced technologies of SRA, THI, it provides better contrast resolution, which greatly helps the diagnosis of difficult-to-scan patients. 
A work-flow oriented User Interface is built to allow user-friendly operation with minimum soft key entries. Ergonomical design of keyboard, 15 inch LCD large display, double probe connectors, USB and DICOM connectivity make your scan FAST and EASY, and allow you to focus more on your patients. 
ultrasonido 4d chison q5
ultrasonido renal chison q5
ultrasonido abdominal chison q5
ultrasonido estetico chison q5
ultrasonido obstetrico chison q5

ultrasonido abdominal chison q5 Frequent Question and Answer 

Q1:What is the Q5(i3,ivis30)’s market?
A: OB/GYN and radiology.
Q2: How much does Q5 weigh? (with two probes and without two probes),Q5 is a portable system, but the weight is heavy to carry? 
A:12 KG without probes,with 2 probes 13KG
Q3:Does Q5(i3,ivis30) have FDA, CE certificate?
A:have both certifications
Q4:How many probes Q5(i3,ivis30) can support? What are they? For which application?
A:  9 kinds of probes 
D3C60L---3.5Mhz convex probe, ABD, OB/GYN, URO
D3C20L ---3.0Mhz micro-convex probe, cardiac 
D5C20L--- 5.0Mhz micro-convex probe, ABD(pediatrics) cardiac(pediatrics),
D6C15L--- 6.0Mhz micro-convex probe, ABD(pediatrics) cardiac(pediatrics),
D7L40L ---7.5Mhz linear probe, vascular, muscular-skeletal, small parts,nerve,pediatric
D7L60L---7.5Mhz linear probe, vascular, muscular-skeletal, small parts,nerve,pediatric
D6C12L---6.0Mhz trans-vagina probe, GYN,OB,urology
D7C10L---7.0Mhz trans-vagina probe, GYN,OB,urology
V4C40L--- volume probe: Fetal/OB; abdominal ;
ultrasonido de embarazo chison q5
Q5:how many biopsy kits does Q5(i3,ivis30) support? What are they? For which probe?
A: BC04-A    D3C60L; 
BL03-A    D7L40L;
BT03-A    D6C12L;
BT04-A    D7C10L;
BC06-A    D3C20L;
Q6: how long it will take to turn on the system? Turn off the system?Q5(i3,ivis30)
A: turn on the system , around 1.5minutes;
 turn off the system around 30 seconds;
Q7:How long is the battery life? How long it will take to charge the battery?(system off, system on)
A: 90mins battery time. (1.5hrs)
System on/off 2hours to charge.
Q8:What is Q5 (i3,ivis30)hard disk memory?
A: 320 GB
Q9:how many images that Q5(i3,ivis30) can save? What about cine movie?
A: 115200 images;3200 cine movies
Q10:what kind of printer that Q5(ivis30,i3) can support?
A: PC printer: HP 1102,HP m251n,HP 2055D,HP pcl6
 video printer:sony 898,sony D711MD,canon cp910
Q11:what kind of image format that Q5 can save? Is it possible to view the image directly on the PC?
A: bmp,jpg,TIFF,DICOM,PNG;   it’s possible
Q12:What kind of movie format that Q5(i3,ivis30) can save? Is it possible to view the cine movie directly on the PC?
A: AVI , yes, it’s possible 
Q13: what kind of DICOM function that Q5(ivis30,i3) have? How does it work for each function?
A: storage,worklist,query/retrieve SCU, modality performed procedure step (MPPS)
Q14:what kind of video printer that Q5(i3,ivis30) can support? How does it connect to Q9?(i8)
A:canon cp910,sony 898,sony D711MD. Connect the tv port to the printer,then go to system, choose tv device.or you can connect USB port
chison ultrasound chison q5
Q15:what kind of PC printer that Q5(i3,ivis30) can support? How does it connect to Q5?(i3,ivis30)
A:HP 1102,HP m251n,HP 2055D ,HP pcl 6 
Q16:what kind of accessories that Q5 can support, except printer? Please write down the name?
A:  footswitch, trolly(TR-2)
Q17:how many languages does Q5(i3,ivis30) have? What are they?
A: 10 Chinese, English, Russia, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italy, Polski 
Q18:what is the standard configuration of the Q5?(i3)
A: Q5: main unit,one probe with two connectors
Q19:what is the warranty of Q9(i8), including the main unit and probes?
A: two years:main unit plus probes , 4D probe only one year
Q20:what is the maximum frequency of linear probe? 
A:  12mhz
Q21:What is the size of the main unit?  What is the size of the Q9 with package?(i8)
A:For Q5
With package :Length:0.54m,span:0.4m,height :0.6m
Without package: Length:0.037m,span:0.185m,height :0.395m
Ivis 30 with package:length 1.12m  span 0.7m  height 1.43m
I3 with package:length 0.92m  span 0.62m  height 1.37m
Q22: How to install the printer driver? (for Q5, there is no CD/DVD ROM)
A: Export install program into USB and plug the USB into q5,then system ,pc management. follow the instruction.
Q23: What is the maximum frame rate of 4D? 
A: 20 frames per second(when you minimize the scan width, depth, density and focus number and adjust the scan width to 20 degree in B mode)
Q24: What is the report format of Q5/i3,ivis30, how to review on the PC?
A: Html, export the report to USB, then you can review it in PC(IE browser only);also support PDF format.
ultrasonido doppler chison q5
Q25:Is it possible to connect a external CD/DVD ROM? 
A: By connecting USB port, and you need to connect the cd/rom to the power
Q26:Is it possible to change the angle of the Q5? If not, what can we do? 
A: Yes, It can change the angle of the Q5
Firstly, If design the Q5’s monitor as rotatable like ECO, it can add the thickness of machine. Secondly, In order to meet the needs of customer about change the angle of the Q5, and we provide the dedicated trolley. When you put the Q5on the trolley, you can get some angle to view by adjusting the screw for the cart. Lastly like other competitors, they will make customer to buy the trolley, which become basic configuration for color Doppler ultrasound system. What’s more our trolley is dedicated with limited budget. 

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