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Product Name:  Veterinary digital imaging x-ray machine - MSLVX15
Latest Price: US $ 380 - 10,000 / Set
Model No.:  MSLVX15
Weight:   Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  1030 Sets per month
Payment Terms:  L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal

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Type: Vet x-ray equipment

Brand Name:  MSL

Model Number:  MSLVX15

X-ray tube core Model: XD60-0.5 3.5/110

Place of Origin:   China (Mainland)


Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details:   Wooden case
Delivery Detail:   Within 6-20 workdays




Vet X-Ray machine MSLVX15
x-ray machine for vet
digital x-ray machines
x-ray machine model

 veterinary machine

                                            Veterinary digital imaging x-ray machine - MSLVX15





1, Power: 220V ±, single-phase three-wire (live, neutral, ground)

2, the power: maximum output power of 3.5KW, Power≥5KW

3, Power frequency: 50 ± 1HZ

4, the operating frequency: = 30KHZ

5, photo tube voltage: 40KV-110KV, continuously adjustable,adjust the step 1KV

6, photo management power: Max 70mA

7, the photography time :0.04-3.2 S

8, X-ray tube core Model: XD60-0.5 3.5/110

9, the focus of the nominal value: 1.5

10, the inherent filtration: 1.8mmA1

11, longitudinal movement of the bed range≤200mm

12, lateral movement range of bed≤500mm

13, photographed specifications: 8 "*10" 10 "*12" 12 "*15" 14 "*17"

14, focal length: 1000mm

15, Weight: 85kg

16, Machine size: L*W*H = 1200mm*750mm *1900mm


1, remote control

2, South Korea imports more than a fixed filter line machine grid density 103L/cm 15*18 1:10



MSLVX15 Veterinary X-Ray Machine

Nominal tube voltage :55-85KV

Maximum tube current: 100mA

Power conditions: 220V ± 10%, 50HZ ± 1HZ 330AV

Focus nominal value: 2.5mm2

Exposure time: 0.05S ~ 3.95S (adjustable)

Vertical movement of the bed range ≤ 200mm

Lateral movement range of bed ≤ 500mm

Radiography Size: 8 * 10,10 * 12,12 * 15,14 * 14,14 * 17

Size: 1100mm *750mm *1850mm

Weight: 100kg


Remote control 



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