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Medsinglong best Veterinary Radiography (X-ray) | Veterinary Medicine price list, animal x rays veterinary Diagnosti c Imaging MSLVX16 for sale.

Portable Medical X-ray System for Vet MSLPX07v
Product Name:  Portable Medical X-ray System for Vet MSLPX07v
Latest Price:
Model No.:  MSLPX07v
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Quick Details

X- ray High voltage generator

1standard output power:5.6kW  

2mA range:10-100mA

3Tube voltage range:40-125kV

4mAs range :0.1-200mAs

5Load time range:0.002s~4s

6High voltage transformer structure:The power frequency


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


Portable Medical X-ray System for Vet MSLPX07v

1.X- ray High voltage generator
1.1 standard output power:5.6kW  
1.2 mA range:10-100mA
1.3 Tube voltage range:40-125kV
1.4 mAs range :0.1-200mAs
1.5 Load time range:0.002s~4s
1.6 High voltage transformer structure:The power frequency

hand x ray

2.X-ray tube
2.1 Focus range:0.6/1.8mm
2.2 Anode types: fixed anode
2.3 The maximum voltage:125kV
2.4 Anode angle 15°
2.5 The inherent filtration:0.6mm Al/75kV
3. Collimator
3.1 The inherent filtration:1 mm Al /70 kV;
3.2  Collimator is equipped with LED lights(Bright 30S are automatically extinguished)
3.3 Collimator is built into measuring ruler

hand x ray

Portable Medical X-ray System for Vet MSLPX07v

4. The tube bracket structure
4.1 The Collimator of the measuring range: 150 ~ 2000mm
4.2 Telescopic Arm Length Range:450㎜~1860㎜
4.3 Tube Tilting Angle:±180°

x ray   center

Portable Medical X-ray System for Vet MSLPX07v

5. Detector
5.1 WIFI connection ,silicon ,whole panel technology
5.2 Detector valid exposure size :30.72cm×24.43cm
5.3 Pixel size:120 µm
5.4 The effective camera size of the detector:10×12inch
5.5 Gathering matrix: ≥2560×2048pixels;
5.6 Spatial resolution≥4.2lp/mm
5.7 Pixel gray level:≥16bit
5.8 Detector cooling mode: natural cooling


6. Digital image workstation  
6.1 CPU frequency:CORE i3
6.2 Memory capacity:4GB
6.3 Hard drive capacity :500 GB
6.4 64 bit Windows operation system


online x ray

Portable Medical X-ray System for Vet MSLPX07v

7. Image acquisition software
7.1 Patient registration: acquisition, find the patient data, to prepare for the photography
7.2 Images display, image analysis, processing and output
7.3 Data management: managing patient data, leading in, leading out , batch file, etc in accordance with DICOM3.0
7.4 System diagnosis: monitoring system status, diagnosis of the system fault

online x ray

Portable Medical X-ray System for Vet MSLPX07v

8. Battery
8.1.1 Power supply way
8.1.2 Lithium battery supply
8.1.3 The rated capacity:32.4V
8.2 Battery capacity: More than 100 exposures, (Exposure conditions: 50kV,80mA,20ms )
8.3 Dual power supply,exposure under either wall current or lithium battery
8.4 Maximum charging 4 hours
8.5 The standby time is not less than 7 hours
8.6 Can support hand switch and remote control exposure


9. The machine parameters
9.1 Appearance size
9.1.1 Whole machine width:240 mm
9.1.2 Whole machine length::440 mm
9.1.3 Whole machine height:236 mm
9.2 Whole weight :18kg


10. External interface
10.1 Wireless network data transmission(WIFI)
10.2 Choose a chest rack
10.3 The selection of moving flat bed


11. Aftersale service
11.1 The machine warranty 1 year
11.2 Provide complete operation manual 1 set
11.3 Provide site application and service training
11.4 Free service hot line


12. copyright certificate
12.1 Utility model: a kind of medical product damping rotation axis
12.2 Appearance patent: portable digital X-ray machine
12.3 Software copyright: baolun technology portable X-ray machine embedded system software

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