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Centrifuges have wide applications,but exist technical barriers

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A large number of centrifuges used in chemical,petroleum,food,pharmaceutical(Hematocrit centrifuge),mineral processing,coal,water and marine sectors.Centrifuge the use of centrifugal force to separate a mixture of liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid components in the machine.Centrifuge is mainly used for the separation of solid particles from the liquid;or emulsion of two different densities,and separate immiscible liquids (e.g.,separating cream from milk);It can also be used to exclude wet solid in a liquid,for example,rejection of wet clothes washing machine;special overdrive tube separator for separating gas can also be a mixture of different densities;using different density or size of the settling velocity of the solid particles in a liquid different characteristics,some settling centrifuge also on the density or particle size of solid particles by classification.

Centrifuge industry exist technical barriers
The centrifuge(High speed centrifuge) as one of the important pharmaceutical products and equipment,the market demand continues to increase.At the same time,the industry is also rising market

requirements.However,the domestic market less competitive centrifuge is the most immediate problem facing,how to overcome technical barriers to the industry's top priority.

The advanced technology of the centrifuge step on the road of internationalization
Domestic centrifuges and imported centrifuges doesn't have great difference,China already has a centrifuge core technology.Same grade centrifuges price difference between them is not large,the main distinction in performance and configuration.The main difference is in terms of performance,the centrifuge with frozen much more expensive than the average,there are some centrifuges heating function,the higher the number of centrifuges price control program.The difference is larger configuration,the attachment will sometimes tend to price higher than the price of the host.When you purchase this product,you should be noted that in addition to the host,select the rotor (number and types),plus the necessary centrifuge tubes,tube sets,special centrifuge bottles or bags,all of which add up to is a complete benchtop centrifuge Price.

Want to catch up on foreign-made products centrifuges footsteps,we must develop advanced technologies,make a fuss in terms of performance and configuration devices,continued to narrow the gap between the two,gradually embarked on the road of internationalization.

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