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5 precautions for collecting blood gas analysis

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1. What do the patient do when collecting the samples of handheld blood gas analysis?

Respiratory state of the patient should keep stable, Patients should be in a stable state when be collected, let the patients remain calm breathing condition in a stable ventilate surrounding. Tell the step of collecting the samaple to patient to prevent overstrain, resulting the Hyperventilation
Blood gas analysis to collect.
2. How to prepare when start to collect the blood gas analysis sample?
Capillary sampling site should be in fully Arterialization condition, Apply heat or massage gently for 5-10 minutes when in Arterialization, cause the parts of blood vessel expend and Congestion, making Capillaries of adequate arterial. Blood samples will represent the parts of condition instead of the overall state of the patients if failed to meet this requirement. Otherwise it will makes low pCO2 measured values. In case of systolic blood pressure is less than 95mmHg, a patient of decreased cardiac output and Vasoconstriction, or a few days after the birth of the newborn, will wont able to use capillary blood. 
Blood gas analysis to collect
3. What should be paied attention to when collecting the gas analysis sample?
There should be a professional person responsible for the blood sample analysis, who knows exactly how to deal with collecting blood sample. When doing the experiment, the professional person will use the stander rubber gloves to prevent direct contact of blood sample, any time they can prevent the infection from the sample by using disinfection technology. 
4. How to artery sampling in arterial blood gas analysis?
Sampling:artery puncture, be careful not to confuse venous and arterial blood samples, arterial blood (due to high pressure) is faster than venous blood flow, the color of arterial blood is shallow;then immediately remove the bubble; Sampling the sample immediately after mixing with heparin. Arterial catheter intake the sample so as not to cause hemolysis;remove the bubble Immediately;Sampling the sample immediately after mixing with heparin. 
5. How to collecting the vein blood sample in the abl blood gas analysis?
Vein sample:put the forearm in 45OC water for 20 minute, makes the arterialization of venous blood of the the forearm. Then phlebotomize from the forearm. Should suck up The blood slowly instead of using the cuff, avoiding the bubbles. If use the pressure pulse belt, the finger should be bucked and the hand should be clenched in the first few seconds. Otherwise, it will lower the pO2 then increasing the content of acid compounds. 
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