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6 major causes and treatment measures after dental tooth filling

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How to remove pain after tooth fillings? Sometimes appeared toothache after root canal treatment after dental treatment.Root canal treatment is to remove the infections from root canal and fill it, isolated bacteria enter reinfection again,prevent apical inflammatory lesions or a process to produce the original lesion healing. Root canal therapy is the treatment of pulpitis, apical go far the most radical method of treatment, there are several common treatments:
Popeye The Dentist
1、Oral Diseases
This means oral diseases still exist before root canal therapy, there is no effective eradication therapy. Bacterial have not been fully removed in the treatment due to doctor's improper operation. this will cause the bacterials spread and cause sharp pain.
2、Improper operation
Some of pain are occured because of toot canal treatment.example:after root canal therapy in the treatment of the root canal of varying lengths, with real teeth tissue site frequent friction, etc., which led to some inflammation,and also may cause bacterials and result in re-treatment because of failure.
3、material filling
The root canal filler now more and more, for different body characteristics, the effect produced by each material is not the same. Before root canal treatment, the doctor should first conduct a comprehensive examination of the patient, to keep abreast of some patients, such as allergic reactions. In this case, the choice of root canal filling material,you can choose to avoid patients' allergic to the material, and it can not only reduce pain,but also improve the success rate treatment.
4、Treatment is needed in case of pulp inactivation,the pulp inactivation (commonly known as the nerve-kill), The drug or the next day because the drug effect may appear a toothache on the day after the closure inactivate, but the pain will not be very severe and do not last very long time.
5、Stimulation of disinfection drug , because the process of preparation of dental shaped hole or sterilization of drug-induced stimulation of the pulp may occur short-term pain of hot and cold stimuli, such cases do not need special treatment, and can recover by itself after 1-2 days.
6、Deep cavities with too thin a cushioning materia can not cut off conduction amalgam of hot and cold stimulation, and the emergence of symptoms of cold and heat pain,this requires thicker base materials before filling. The pain or spontaneous pain in later stage after treatment may be caused by the filled material to stimulate certain chemicals or apical pulp tissue,ormay be because of incomplete inactivation pulp. The reason for the long-term pain is often complicated by secondary caries pulpitis. It should be appease or other endodontic treated depends on specific circumstances. Mostly filling material is too high if there is recent painful bite, it will recover after several days adjustments.

In short, in addition to temporary pains told by doctor (eg pulp inactivation), the situation after the other various fillings toothache should go to hospital for treatment, in order to identify the causes and timely treatment. Guangzhou provide a wide services for after-sales service,warranty, technical support.pls contact us at cindy@medicalequipment- if there is any technical question.

What to do if pain after tooth fillings? Anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers can ease the pain after root canal treatment. The patient should inform physician if The emergence of swell. To remind that root canal treatment must be to a regular hospital for treatment, so to avoid reducing toothache after root canal treatment.

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