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The 6 installation and maintenance methods for the dental chair

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The dental chair is the necessary dental equipment for the dentist. Sice the 1887, the first electric dental drill was born, the dental chair was improved sharply in the performance and intelligence. Recently, more and more new technology make the dental equipment more humanized.
Air, water and electricity are the three factors ofdental chair.So before the installation, the air and water pump line should be set before (better underground). It is better to install the first water filter in the water line, in case of affecting the life of water filter. The air pump should not be closed to the dental chair, because the air noise will affect the patient. If there a lot of dental equipment, it is suggested to use the center air supply, which will save the cost, reduce the breakdown and also ensure the air supply quality.
dentist office visit
Usually, the factory will install and test the equipment before the delivery. During the installation, the dentist should be on site, so that the dentist can solve some problems by themselves in the future.
The dental chair contain the integral type and separated type, but the integral type is widely used. It is included by the patient chair, dentist chair and curing machine. The patient chair has electric and manual. The electric patient chair contain three type, screw drive type, electrohydraulic type and belt driven type. Manually control is used the oil pressure to control the seat position. The curing machine contains the high speed hand piece, low speed hand piece, three spray gun, suction, auto cup filler, instrument tray, shadowless lamp, X ray viewer, scaler, curing light, spittoon and water, air and electricity control. The working theory is that the air control the water and electricity, then extract the teeth, insert teeth and fill teeth.
As the portable dental chair is the necessary equipment to the dentist, it is widely used and together with air, water and electricity. The daily maintenance will affect the life of equipment, so it is also very important to make the daily maintenance. Guangzhou Medsinglong has a strong after service for the dental chair, we have warranty commitment and technical support. In this way, we can save worry, save time and save money for the clients. Should there be any problems, please feel free to contact our technical engineer.
The first is the maintenance of the hand piece, which is the key part for the dental chair. During the use, the hand piece should be sterilized in the autoclave in case of cross-infection. To extend the life span of hand piece, please keep the daily maintenance of the hand piece. Before the first use, instill one or two drops of spindle oil in the hand piece. The hand piece should cleaned up usually, before the use, idle for 30 seconds in case of the oil into patient’s mouth. Although the oil is no harmful to the people, but if the resin have affected the operation face, the effect will be bad. During the daily use, the headstock should be cleaned by the clean lubricant. Every two weeks, the micro bearing should be cleaned once, the working pressure should be the normal around 0.2~0.25Mpa. If there is no water, the hand piece can not be idled,or the bearing will be damaged. The pins should be replaced after being used for a long time, or the the bearing will be damaged.
Note: after the use, the hand piece should be tore down in case of the patient out of the chair and damage the hand piece. The instrument tray should be lifted after the using, the water inside the pipe should be wiped out. The instrument tray can be onside the handrail to reduce the pressure. The equipment maintenance of the equipment is quite important to us, because the maintenance is come from our profit, so it is the best way to extend the use life.
The main maintenance of the dental chair for sale are air and water line. So the air, water and electricity should be shut up after the work, especially the air inside the spray gun should be wiped out, is case of the air pipe in the high pressure condition. Clean the filter timely according to the local water condition, wide out the air inside the filter and reduce the water inside the pressure reducing valve. Clean the attractor and salivary absorption. Especially pay attention to the water pressure and air pressure, the value should be the normal, in case of the filter and pipe burst. The operation light and the film viewer light should not the turned on or turned off frequently, or the bulb will be damaged.
Regarding the maintenance of the patient’s chair, check every drive disk assembly. The position of the drive disk assembly should be instilled the oil. Check the amount of oil oil quality in the tank of electro-hydraulic drive. If the oil is not enough or the oil quality is bad, please replace it immediately. adjust the tightness of the belt drive.
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