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The liver is located in the right upper abdomen, hidden in the right axillary and deep ribs. Most of the liver is covered by a costal arch and is exposed only in the superior abdominal region and between the right rib arches and in direct contact with the anterior abdominal wall. 
The upper part of the liver is in contact with the ankle and the anterior abdominal wall. From the projection of the body surface, the upper liver segment is at the 5th rib of the right midclavicular line and the 6th rib at the midline of the right midaxillary line. The lower hepatic segment is consistent with the anterior edge of the liver, starting from the lowest point of the costal arch and going up along the lower edge of the right costal arch. At the junction of the 8th and 9th rib cartilage, leave the rib arch, obliquely to the upper left, to the anterior midline, to the left, to the junction of the rib arch and the 7th and 8th cartilage.
It is generally believed that when the position of the upper liver in adults is normal. If the liver is touched under the costal arch, it is mostly pathological hepatomegaly. The position of the lower hepatic margin of young children is generally normal under the right rib cage. The position of the liver often changes with the breathing, usually lifting up to 2-3cm when calm breathing, slightly lowering when standing and inhaling, rising slightly when supine and inhaling, the doctor often asks the patient for palpation examination of the liver Breathing is the reason.
where is your liver
The normal liver is red-brown and soft in texture. The liver weight of an adult is equivalent to 2% of body weight. According to statistics, the weight of adult liver in China is 1157-1447g for males and 1029-1379g for females. The heaviest weight is about 2000g. The length, width and thickness of liver are about 25.8cm, 15.2cm and 5.8cm.
The right upper lobe of the liver is adjacent to the right pleura and the right lung; the left upper lobe of the liver is connected to the heart; the small part is adjacent to the anterior abdominal wall; the front part of the right lobe of the liver is adjacent to the colon, and the posterior lobe is connected to the right adrenal gland and the right kidney. Neighboring; the left lower lobe of the liver is adjacent to the stomach.
The upper part of the liver is called the septum and faces the front and the upper part. It adapts to the crooked curve and can move up and down with the respiratory movement. The septum is divided into two parts, namely the left lobe and the right lobe. The right lobe is large and thick; the left lobe is small and thin. Below the liver is uneven, called the dirty surface, facing the lower back, adjacent to the abdominal organs. In the middle of the dirty surface, there are two vertical grooves and one horizontal groove in the H shape.
There is a round ligament of the liver in the front of the left longitudinal groove, which is the remains of the umbilical vein atresia during the embryonic period; the front part of the right longitudinal groove contains the gallbladder, and the posterior part is adjacent to the inferior vena cava. The lateral sulcus is called the proper hepatic artery, portal vein, hepatic duct, lymphatic vessels, and nerves, and enters the liver.
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