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Eight Methods teach you how to chose a good dental chair unit

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Dental chair is one of the most indispensable basic medical equipment to dental clinic, directly relating to the dental treatment activities. The performance and quality of dental chair will directly affect the business and professional image of the detal clinic. Therefore, how to chose and purchase a good confident dental chair are becoming a cricial and important problems to Dental Clinic.
The dentist's chair of the full figure
Guangzhou Medsinglong Global Group Co., Lts will teach you the basic methods of choosing dental chair.

1. The price of dental chair becomes the primary consideration. How can we chose a high quality of dental chair but without spending too much?

First of all, if your bussiness is on a small-scale and budget won't be too much, the hydraulic controlled dental chair is recommened becasuse of its cheapest price but poor durability. So, If dental clinic bussiness is on regular-scale, electric dental chair is the primary choise.

Here comes the question, what is a pneumatic hydraulic type dental chair? Pneumatic hydraulic control dental chair refers to the film controlling the action of the hand piece, disc foot switch combining with a hydraulic pump and a hydraulic tube is the main characteristic of this dental chait, controlling chair movement with hydraulic. Compared with electronically controlle dental chair, the durability of pneumatic hydraulic type is poorer. Electric control type refers to the hand piece movement during treatment is controlled by electromagnetic valve, the main feature is the multifunctional pedal switch or electric control pedal switch, motor refers to the movement of the chair . The movement of Dental chair from European production is mainly controlled by motor. When the back of the chair seat is open, you can see a small electric motor. Therefore, if you business is on big-scale, you are recommended to choose this kind of dental chair, it is more durable but in a high price Atucally, now electric dental chair is chosen by more and more dental clinics as their main dental equipment.

2.Whether the configuration of dental chair suit for yourself is important after picking the right type. If you are an oral physicians, you can eliminate strong suction device as it is not necessary (if strong suction is not optional but standard parts). In fact, base on your own situation, it is enough to have one hand piece.

3: To tell the difference qulality betwen comprehensive dental therapy machine, you need to observed from the following aspects.
First, check the appearance of the machine, to see whether the shell junction is combining closely, it shows the poor quality if if the void is large. Second, check the surface of metal parts and machining accuracy, the metal parts here mainly refers to the spray gun and hand piece casing, the quality is poor if they are rough. Finally, open the shell to observe chair heart position: motor or pump.
MSL(Guangzhou Medsingong Global Group Co., Ltd) tell you how to choose a good dental chair with professional method.

4.The clean situation of used dental chair.
Some parts of dental chair is difficult to clean. Like the rubber cover of the lamp arm is in good apperency but full of smudginess, where bacteria would survive. Chair surface material can use disinfectant to disinfect (such as alcohol). Strong and weak suction devices can match the disposable straws and the straw can be withstand 135 degrees high temperature disinfection. Multifunctional pedal switch and non-inductive also need to be met the reqquirement of the health.

5.Dental chair after-sales service--dental chair maintenance.
Many doctors have found that less companies would responsible for after-sales service of dental chair after selling their peoducts. As a result, the unnecessary lost has been caused because the the dental chair cannot be repaired immediately. MSL(Guangzhou Medsingling Global Group Co.,Ltd) enjoy high reputation in the after-sales service of dental chair, Quality is our culture, with us your money in safe your business in safe your success is our super goal our honesty will touch your heart, warranty commitment and technical support are necessary for you. If you have any questions towards dental chair please do not hesitate to contact our professional technical engineers. Email address:

6.Every experienced engineers will be aware of the problem if the installation and debugging do not reach the designated position.So, when you are in the demand of buying dental chair, it necessary to cooperate with a good capability company, which will offer you with the complete installation manual, product dimensions and technical parameter etc.

7.It is important to have a dental chair operation training.
The dental chair in wrong order are due to installation and debugging without maching the designated position, as well as the improper operation of a doctor. Therefore, dental equipment company training is critical for the dentist.

8. The dental chair prices training include the following:
The usage and maintenance of hand piece.
The controlling of the chair.
The elimination of some common problems( the fuse, the light bulb, tube, etc.).
The daily maintenance of dental chair.

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