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Probe component of common failures and 6 faults solution

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In the above chapters, we have a simple introduction for probe component common cause (the failures of crystal, lens, sheath damage,shell damaged, and cable leakage and circuit board burn out) , so when we solve those problems, we also need to inspect repaired from the several aspects.

Crystal fault solution:

1. Crystal failure reason and solution:
Most internal ultrasound probe uses a piezoelectric crystal. After long-term use, it can be causing the crystal of natural aging, external force such as the use of non-standard or fall off, touch hit will make probe crystal damage, after crystal damaged, B ultrasonic detector detected in the image will appear signal attenuation, image has dark, black bars, interference, defects such as blind area, serious the images will be "blind", which will cause doctors can not diagnose, affecting the quality of diagnosis.

This kind of failure is caused by ultrasound probe wafer short circuit. The short circuit of the chip can be judged by measuring the power supply voltage of the chip, if a chip or chip set of power supply voltage is lowerthan others, can judge the chip or chip set has a short circuit. Replace the corresponding chip or chip group, makes the probe to restore the previous feature, the interference disappears.

Other optional configuration 


2. cable leakage failure reason and solution:
Ultrasound probe cable is adopted by high quality of high multi-fiber shielded cable, and good workmanship wires, many hundreds of root, like hair thickness. Due to the bending and torsion of the cable, it makes outside of reserve cable insulating layer will be broken, fracture, revealing the inside line, shielding layer damage, break, corrugated and defect image can be interferenced.

Cable leakage fault solution:

Due to probe affected by the external force or wrong operators, the probe was not properly placed within for a long time, cable conductor faults. Open the outer leather, lateral horizontal gashing the total shielding wire , pick out the deep crack line, welding is completed, with transparent tape around one layer, use a multimeter to measure whether it is turned on,this wire shielding will be connected and wrapped the tape, to connect the wire shielding and tie up good adhesive tape. As above, If multiple root fracture. After commissioning, everything is all right to better the outermost shielded wire welding, fixed outer holster with high voltage margin plastic tape. in this way, you can continue to use the probe for a long time.
3. The lens of failures Reasons and solutions:
An acoustic lens is a gelatinous professional substance that ultrasound probe contacts the upper body.The acoustic lens can cause wear and tear, scratch, crack, corrosion, degumming, blister and other damage after used for long-time.Especially corrosion caused by coupling agent into the lower level.Not only cause blind spots such as artifacts.Causing doctors misdiagnosed.Serious damage cheap ultrasound convex probe crystal or cause leakage.Endanger the patient's body, bring harm to patients and machine.

The lens of fault solution:

With liquid silicone inject in degumming and expelled bubbles.With gauze tied the probe by force for 24 hours before deregulation, the fault disappears, the probe returns to normal.Prove that the failure was caused by the unglued match between Acoustic lens and matching layer. In dealing with this kind of failure, using liquid silicone rubber for the probe acoustic lens repair materials. An adhesive material between acoustic lens and matching layer. Practice has proved that was a good effect.
4. Sheath failure reason and solution:
Ultrasound probe sheath is ultrasound probe and cable joint reinforcement effect of the slab. Ultrasound probe sheath important is to prevent the cable right-angle fold the pressure.Long-term use can make sheath fracture, falloff and be missing, which will cause the cable broken, affect the image.
5. Casing failure reason and solution:
The shell can be cracked and aged if ultrasound probe for long-term use. Or due to human factors such as throwing, hitting, and deformation. Then the quality of the probe shielding enclosure will cause the image interference, unclear, there will be serious when the induced current from the front, threatening the patient's body.
6. Circuit board damage reason and solution :
In some cases, B ultrasound machine when boot loading probe or circuit ignition, will make the probe circuit board, high voltage switch burned out, have a great influence on the image, such as image interference, no image, lack of image phenomenon.
Sheath, shell, circuit board damage solution:
Damage the sheath, shell and a circuit board, often change, housing can be damaged sheath solution when the circuit board and the solution will be relatively more trouble, need to use a multimeter or oscilloscope, to determine the specific which one linear probe or chip damage, then damage to the components of the replaced the welding components, the corresponding type.

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