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How to wear surgical mask

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Surgical masks are primarily designed to prevent the transfer of bacteria from the respiratory tract of workers to surgical wounds, but they must be used in the right way to be effective. These step-by-step instructions can help you ensure that the risk of infection is minimized.
how to wear surgical mask
Surgical masks can only be worn correctly in one way. The blue side is liquid-proof, preventing liquid from seeping into the nasal cavity. It wears outside. If it is a standard trilayer membrane, neither the outer nor the inner layer will filter any bacteria. Filtering is done by the middle layer. The white side is designed to absorb the exhaled liquid that would otherwise collect on the mask, reducing its effectiveness and increasing comfort. 
Infection control is designed to protect the patient and the wearer.
In addition, there are different kinds of masks: the tie on the mask, the wearer first tie the tie below the mask under the chin, then bring it to the nose and tied behind the head, then tie the duckbill A "banknote" to avoid direct contact with the mask, a conical mask, which is a pre-pressure filter cone with a liquid-repellent layer on the outside, and a high-filter mask worn around a patient who may suffer from tuberculosis or some other microbial air. spore. There are also masks specially designed for people with beards and hoods that are part of a high-fidelity filtration system, such as winter clothes.
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