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Wireless ambulatory ecg

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Wireless Ambulatory Electrocardiograms (ECGs) are recording devices that use technology such as Bluetooth and Smart Phones for at-home monitoring of cardiac rhythms.These devices are generally recommended to people who have been previously diagnosed with arrhythmias and want to have them monitored,or for those who have suspected arrhythmias and need to be monitored over an extended period of time in order to be diagnosed.Wireless Ambulatory ECGs work in a way similar to a regular ECG by measuring the electrical potential of the heart through the skin.The data are saved on an application on a Smart Phone,and then uploaded to a computer through Bluetooth or Cloud technologies.The information can also be sent through these technologies or through email to a doctor or cardiac technician.Wireless Ambulatory ECGs are able to provide voice alarm messages when cardiac abnormalities occur,such as bradycardia,and can record this information and provide a screen prompt for the patient to view the data.The devices can also store mass amounts of ECG data on the phone,replay the ECG readings at a high speed,and have a low voltage alarm function to not waste the battery life.These characteristics of the devices are seen as benefits in comparison to current ambulatory ECG monitoring equipment such as the Holter monitor.

Cost of Wireless ambulatory ecg

Recent Technologies

1.AliveCor heart monitors are currently available in the USA,the UK,and Ireland.The device is a small handheld single channel ECG recording device that immediately sends information to a smart phone.Recordings can then be sent to a cardiac technician or a certified cardiologist for a small cost.AliveCor obtains ECG traces through sensing plates,which can also be purchased through AliveCor.The plates are placed on fingers or the chest and the scan takes 30 seconds to complete.One of the benefits of AliveCor is the ability to record notes of how the patient was feeling prior to taking the ECG so that the physician has a clear picture of what the patterns are indicating.Studies on the algorithm used in the technology have indicated that the device provides sufficiently accurate data to be able to diagnose atrial fibrillations.The accuracy has been found to be similar to Lead 1 data of a regular 12 lead ECG.

2.iHealth created a wireless ECG monitor that is placed on the chest under clothing,and the data are sent to mobile phones and is readily available for health care professionals.The device is small and lightweight making it easy to participate in daily activities.It uses Bluetooth Technology to send the information to cell phones,but it can also be connected to a computer via USB cables.

3.Qardio created a wearable ECG monitor that wirelessly sends data to the smartphone for the user and health practitioners.The device can be worn every day to track heart health in real life.

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