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Blocked artery in neck Causes and prevention

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Blocked artery in neck Causes and prevention
There are many blood vessels in our body. One of them is very easy to clog, and if the clogging is very dangerous, it may lead to blindness, speechlessness, favoritism or deli. Finding a place is the carotid artery. Many people think they are still young and away from themselves. However, if you do not pay attention to the dietary control, the blood vessels will become narrower, leading to more vascular waste, which is not far from the blockage.
Blocked artery in neck Causes:
Want to know why carotid arteries are most likely to get clogged? First you must know where the blocked artery in neck!
The blocked artery in neck is in front of our neck. On each side of the organ, there is a small thumb-sized artery, which is the main passage from the heart to the brain. You can feel the arterial beating by touching the jaw with your hand.
The blocked artery in neck presents a unique "Y" structure. This special structure determines that blood waste can accumulate here and it can easily clog in the long run. However, if there is a blockage, serious illness will follow and it will seriously endanger life.
According to statistics, about two-thirds of cerebral infarctions are related to blocked artery in neck occlusion, so it can be seen how important the protection of the carotid artery is.
blocked artery in neck
How to prevent carotid artery obstruction?
1. Control "bad cholesterol"
LDL is called "bad cholesterol" and can cause arteriosclerosis. It is better to eat less fried foods because they are the main source of low density fat protein.
2. Carotid ultrasound examination
Arterial color Doppler ultrasound is the most effective method for carotid atherosclerosis and cerebrovascular disease. Therefore, when doing a physical examination, you may wish to supplement the carotid ultrasound, especially the elderly is very helpful for the elderly.
3, timely attention to disease symptoms
Carotid occlusion can cause dizziness, numbness in the face or extremities, or temporary speech problems. It is best to go to the hospital for further examination.
4, pay attention to control the three high diseases
Special attention should be paid to controlling blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids, especially those with higher heights, to avoid severe fluctuations. Usually pay attention to quit smoking, especially to control the intake of meat and salt. You can eat whole grains, fruits, milk and more.
6, hot and cold water can strong blood vessels
Alternate bathing with hot and cold water can promote blood circulation and increase blood vessel elasticity.
Wash with warm water first, then rinse with cold water, especially on the neck. It should be noted that cold water is suitable for cooling and the temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius. Hot and cold water temperature should not be too large, and finally ended in warm water. If you feel that cold water is too exciting, you can choose to use a cold towel. It is better for elderly people with weaker bodies not to use this method.
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