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6 symptoms of cirrhosis and ways to detect it

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6 symptoms of cirrhosis and ways to detect it
Speaking of the cirrhosis disease, I believe that many people do not know it. What are the symptoms of cirrhosis? In fact,  liver cirrhosis is a very common type of disease. 
symptoms of cirrhosis are the following: 
1, Chronic cholecystitis, gallstones clinical manifestations of right upper abdominal discomfort, repeated jaundice, indigestion, fever and so on.
2, Chronic bleeding, such as repeated nose bleeding, bleeding gums, conjunctival congestion, subcutaneous bleeding.
3. Symptoms of increased estrogen: Common cheek small blood vessels dilate and local redness, upper body appears spider mites, palms and red and pink at the interfore, skin melanin pigmentation, male impotence and breast development, female irregular menstruation, etc. .
4, Chronic diarrhea, especially after eating fatty foods, diarrhea increased.
5, There is ascites and edema after the infusion.  This is due to liver cell function and portal vein compensatory dysfunction, decreased plasma albumin and osmotic pressure. Loss of appetite or marked abdominal distension after infusion is often a precursor and early manifestation of ascites.
6, Upper gastrointestinal bleeding. This may be due to rough food stimulation or gastric acid and bile reflux corrosion erosion of gastric mucosa, leading to acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding. It is more likely that liver cirrhosis obstructs portal vein blood flow, increases pressure, and causes bleeding from esophageal and gastric varices and rupture. This upper gastrointestinal bleeding manifests as hematemesis and black stools.
ultrasound examination
8 ways to help you check if you have liver cirrhosis
1. Blood routine: There may be varying degrees of anemia in decompensated liver cirrhosis; when hypersplenism occurs, white blood cell and platelet counts may be reduced.
2, Urine routine: decompensation may have proteinuria and cast, hematuria; there may be bilirubin jaundice, and increased urinary bile.
3. Liver function tests: Liver function is very complicated. Although there are many test methods, it is difficult to fully reflect all functional states. Commonly used examination contents are: Serum enzymology experiments (such as serum aminotransferase, adenosine deaminase, cholinesterase Enzymes, prothrombin time, bilirubin metabolism, protein metabolism, fat metabolism, hepatic fibrosis serological tests, etc.
4, Ascites examination: ascites pale yellow leakage fluid, the appearance of transparency; ascites bloody should be highly suspected cancer, cytology should be done.
5. Immune Function Test: Cytological immunological tests revealed that about half of the patients had lower than normal T lymphocytes.
6, Imaging examination: including X-ray examination, CT and MRI examination, ultrasound examination, color Doppler examination, radionuclide liver and spleen scan and so on.
7. Endoscopy: Fiberoptic gastroscope can directly observe the extent and extent of esophageal and gastric varices, and its accuracy is higher than X-ray.
Liver biopsy: visible degeneration and necrosis of hepatocytes, fibrous tissue hyperplasia, and false leaflets. This test not only has the value of diagnosis, but also the histological type of the disease, the degree of liver cell damage and the degree of connective tissue.
Through some of the above introductions, I believe we all understand some of the symptoms of early liver cirrhosis. When the body appears these symptoms, we must pay a high degree of attention.It is necessary to go to the hospital to accept Examination and treatment to avoid liver cirrhosis. Otherwise it will seriously endanger the health of our body.


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