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What is endoscopy - Medsinglong

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Endoscopy is a special clinical examination method that inserts a special endoscope into the natural orifice or body cavity to observe the lesions of certain tissues and organs. The endoscope is mainly composed of a mirror body and a light source. The lens body is divided into two types: flexable and rigid, and the light source can be divided into thermal light and cold light source. Most of the current use of cold light lighting. Hard endoscopes are used in the examination of organs such as the nasal cavity, throat, bladder, vagina and chest; flexible endoscopes can be used for both tracheal and bronchial examinations as well as esophageal and gastrointestinal tract examinations. Industrial endoscopes can be used for inspections and observations in high-temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation, and places that cannot be directly observed by the human eye, and are mainly used in automobiles, aero-engines, pipelines, and mechanical parts.
The endoscope is an optical instrument that is sent into the body through the body's natural lumen in vitro. The disease in the body can be examined. The lesions of the internal organs of the organ can be directly observed, and the parts and areas thereof can be determined, and photographs, biopsy or brushing can be performed. Tablets greatly improve the diagnostic accuracy of cancer and allow for certain treatments. Optical fiber endoscopes use optical fiber to transmit cold light, have a small diameter, and are flexible. The patient suffers less pain during the examination. Endoscopy is now widely used, such as gastroscopy gastric cancer, bronchoscopy lung cancer, tracheal cancer, esophagoscopy esophageal cancer, sigmoidoscopy rectal cancer, sigmoid colon cancer, cystoscopy bladder cancer, laryngoscopy laryngeal cancer, nasopharyngeal Check for nasopharyngeal carcinoma, colposcopy for cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, etc.
what is endoscopy
With the development of ultrasonic non-destructive testing technology and endoscope technology, endoscope measurement technology is now in full use in industrial and medical fields. For a long time, endoscopes are only used for “seeing” rather than “measurement”. "With the development of computer technology and image processing technology, endoscopes can now truly realize the advantages of their measurement technologies."
Inspection surgery
When examining patients, the traditional method often causes pain to the patient. In the ENT examination, the patient can sit in a semi-recumbent posture. The doctor inserts the ENT into the patient's mouth and ear cavity. In the nasal cavity, carefully examine the parts that need to be understood. Because the medical endoscope has good illumination and high definition, it is possible to clearly see structures that are deep, narrow, and cannot be seen directly under the frontal lens. Such as the uncinate process in the nasal meatus, ethmoid sinus, maxillary sinus opening, olfactory fissure, nasopharyngeal Eustachian tube opening, adenoid tissue.
Electronic endoscope
No matter what kind of electronic endoscope, the image of the part that can be observed must be clear and exquisite. At present, the electronic endoscope gradually tends to use the second method to install the CCD, which undoubtedly increases the processing and the CCD of the technology. The difficulty of the process, with the continuous improvement and improvement of the electronic endoscope technology, the volume of the high-pixel CCD will become smaller and smaller, and a variety of small-diameter electronic endoscopes satisfying the clinical needs will come into being, which may involve medical care. All areas. At the same time, the emergence of therapeutic electronic endoscopes with special devices such as large-aperture or dual-ports and lift-clamps, together with the development and development of a series of supporting ancillary devices, is the clinical application of electronic endoscopy for minimally invasive surgery. Application opens up broad prospects. At present, some clinical conditions have been replaced by endoscopic or small incision treatment instead of traditional surgery, greatly reducing the patient's pain.
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