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Product Name:  Cost effective Digital 3 channel ECG machine-MSLEC01
Latest Price: US $ 300 - 500 / Set
Model No.:  MSLEC01
Weight:   Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set
Supply Ability:  1000 Sets per month
Payment Terms:  L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal

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Model Number: MSLEC01

Brand Name: MSL

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Detail: 15 workdays after received the deposit



Select simultaneously acquisition of 12-lead ECG signals; 
Selectable Multi-recording modes,Three-channel, 3-channel+Rhythm, 60" 



Digital & 3 channel cheap ECG machine-MSLEC01


Select simultaneously acquisition of 12-lead ECG signals;

Selectable Multi-recording modes,Three-channel, 3-channel+Rhythm, 60 Sec 

Compressible waveform record; 

Three-channel waveform record simultaneously and un- Compressible;

Lead (un)connected signal by indicating light;

V1,V3,V5 leads mensuring for Physical examination, time-saving, paper-saving, 


Hidden handle. G.MEAS: 0.03m3; G.WEIGHT: 4.5Kg. Very easy to carry.  



Items specification 

Lead standard 12 leads 

lead acquisition synchronously 12 leads 

Data acquisition 18bit/1000Hz 

Record mode Manual mode;  AUTO1;  AUTO2;  AUTO3 

Filter AC, EMG,Drift Fliter 

CMRR ≥100dB(with AC filter) 

Input circuit Floating; Protection circuit against Defibrillator effect 

Input circuit current ≤0.1μA 

Input Impedance ≥2.5MΩ 

Patient current leakage <10μA 

Calibrating voltage 1mV±2% 

Voltage tolerance ±500mV 

Time constant >3.2s 

Frequency response 0.05 ~150Hz 

Noise level ≤15μVp-p 

Sensitivity valve ≤20μV 

Inter-Channel Interference ≤0.5mm 

Paper speed 25,50mm/s(±3%)           25,50mm/s(±3%)

Sensitivity AUTO,2.5,5,10,20mm/mV 

Recording mode Thermal Array printing 

Paper specification 63mmx30m,roll    50mmx20m,roll

LCD display .320x240 graphic LCD,display status&waveform. 20x2 character LCD,display status.

Safety classification IEC60601-1 class I, type CF 

Power supply AC : 110V/220V/85~265V,50/60Hz±1Hz;30VA

                     DC :12V(1500mAh) rechargeable Ni-MH battery




AC extend T500mA/125V     ¢5x20mm

AC extend T400mA/250V     ¢5x20mm

AC extend T2.0A/250V         ¢5x20mm 


              Digital ecg machine, 3 channel ecg machine, cheap ecg


 3 channel ecg machine



All Digitized;

Select simultaneously acquisition of 12-lead ECG signals;

Powerful anti-interference with variety of filtering methods: DFT, AC,EMG, Lowpass Filter, recorder Filter. Ensure the waveform clearly, accurately and nondeformed;

Three-channel, 3-channel+Rhythm, 60 Sec Compressible waveform record;

To observe heart rate change by the mode of 3-channel+Rhythm in real-time;

60 seconds simultaneous record selected to acquire long ECG signal which can diagnosearrhythmia and occasional premature beat etc.;


Lead (un)connected indication fuction: The machine provide indicating light of connected points by chart, and each indicating light shows the corresponding lead connecting condition.


During the operating, if any lead off, the machine will automatically stop paper printing and the indicating light indicates the lead which is off in corresponding parts. Then works automatically after the leads ready. So it solve the problem of printing linear when a lead failed, which guides doctors operating extremely convenient, time-safing and avoids wasting paper; V1,V3,V5 chest lead for physical mode can record the patient ECG in 9 seconds/each.

Easy for physical;

Automatic measures and analysis;

Auto/ Manual operation mode;

Under both the Auto/ Manual operation mode, 3-channel waveform can be recordedsimultaneously;

The base line autoregulation, increment autoregulation and automatic lead

transferability available in automatical mode;

Manual shift control available in Manual mode;

80mm recording paper, as the clear and indeformable waveform be recorded by multi-leadprinting. More advanced than others 63mm in general;

SAMSUNG original integration printer, with strong sealing, high reliability and long life;

AC/ DC supplied and built in rechargeable battery suporting up to 170mins after complete charging;

USB Interface transferrd supported optional;

SD card data storage supported optional.

Net Weight:2.2Kg

Gross Weight:4.5Kg


Packing Volume:400mm×325mm×230mm



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