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MSL Digital ambulatory eeg machine price MSLEEGC for sale
Product Name:  Digital ambulatory eeg machine price MSLEEGC
Latest Price:
Model No.:  MSLEEGC
Weight:  Net weight: 7 Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

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Professional AEEG amplifier suitable for all standard applications

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Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


Digital ambulatory eeg machine price MSLEEGC

eeg machine price MSLEEGC


Eeg machine price MSLEEGC Specifications:

Input channels: 9/20 (8 Monopolar EEG and 1 Bipolar ECG; 19 Monopolar EEG and 1 Bipolar ECG)
Power supply: 4x 6V AA batteries, rechargeable batteries or external rechargeable lithium batteries;
Continuous Monitoring Time: up to 72 hours with 4 AA batteries;
Internal memory: Built-in Flash memory card (2GB); 
Connection to PC: Wireless Bluetooth for real-time data transmission; USB (2.0) for data
uploading from Flash memory card.
Operation Modes: Real-time; LTM (Long Term Monitoring)
A/D conversion: 16 bit
Sampling Rate: 128Hz, 256Hz, 512Hz
Input impedance: ≥10MOhm
CMRR: ≥100dB;
Noise: ≤0.5uVRMS;
Low-pass filter: 1~60Hz arbitrary
Amplitude-frequency characteristic: 0.5~60Hz
High-pass filter: 0.01s, 0.02s, 0.03s, 0.1s, 0.2s, 0.3s, 1s, 2s, 3s (16Hz, 8Hz,
5.3Hz, 1.6Hz, 0.8Hz, 0.5Hz, 0.16Hz, 0.08Hz, 0.05Hz)
Interface: USB2.0 (USB1.1), interface transfer rate: 480Mb (/12Mb) /s;
Dimension & Weight: 130*89*40(mm); 250g (Amplifier only)
portable eeg machine

Ambulatory eeg machine price MSLEEGC Key Features & Advantages:

1. Professional AEEG amplifier suitable for all standard applications of routine EEG and long term
EEG monitoring. Integrates all the functions of signal magnification, A/D transform, data storage,
LCD display and wireless data transmission, capable of showing one channel waveform (arbitrarily
and can be changed), present time, collection time, storage capacity, version information, serial
number and battery status;
2. Supports 8/19 EEG channels plus 1 channel ECG to meet with doctor's clinical requirements;
3. Low power consumption, capable of supporting up to 72 hours recording with 4 AA batteries;
4. Use of DC power supply eliminates risk of electric shock to patients and prevents signal interference,
and removes the need to use ground wire or other shielding features;
5. Supports real-time EEG waveform recording and display via Wireless Bluetooth transmission,
or dynamic recording with flash memory card capable of storing up to 2GB of EEG data (data storage
capability depends fully on memory card used);
6. Fast data uploading capability: Data stored in flash memory card via dynamic recording can be
quickly transmitted to desktop or laptop computer through USB 2.0/USB1.1 interface;
7. Single electrodes with touch proof connectors that meets international standard, and can be
replaced individually if necessary;
8. Event button on the amplifier enables on-the-spot manual event marking of patient's epilepsy
seizure during recording;
9. Compact design and easy to carry, complete with EEG signal isolation to support maximum
patient movement without distortion;
10. Optional video system for recording, editing and displaying video images synchronously
with EEG signals.
Excellent eeg machine
MSL eeg machine
Software Functions:
1. Acquisition & Settings
Colors of waveforms are in accord to colors of events, and users can mark on the waveforms
with character directly; it’s available to open respiration leading sound to instruct patient's
respiration frequency in a deep respiration event;
EEG channels can be arbitrarily set up for users to customize the layout of channels during collection
process and playback analysis. This includes the choice of processing EEG waveforms with filters,
baseline and other arbitrary parameters;
Configuration chart display and data source of physical channel configuration are displayed together
at the same interface, making channel editing simpler and more intuitive;
Events markers enable user to mark timings of seizures or any abnormal wave occurrences during
recording, whereby events marked are listed and can be traced with the event localization feature
during playback;
Same-screen, and real-time display brain tendency chart is in synchronism with EEG waveforms acquisition.
Brain tendency chart include various energy curve maps: energy curve, peak value frequency, relative energy,
absolute energy, energy peak frequency, medium frequency index, side frequency index and coma index.
Cheap eeg machine
Use eeg machine
2. Replay & Analysis
EEG mapping;
EEG tendency analysis;
EEG spectral analysis;
Brain waves fast playback and fast positioning function;
Automatic spike recognition with adjustable arbitrary spike-wave parameters;
User can list the events marked during replay and locate each of the event markers in the waveform.
User can add, change or remove event markers based on manual observation made during recording;
User can also review the EEG waveforms with a different combination of parameters and filters;
Automatically generates EEG case reports with customizable print templates.

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