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Ventilator machine is one kind of our anesthesia ventilator, If this could not feed your requirement, just see other anesthesia machine, such as veterinary anesthesia machine, anesthesia ventilator, anesthesia gas machine, portable anesthesia machine.

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Cost-effective Non-invasive Ventilator MSLC11
Product Name:  Cost-effective Non-invasive Ventilator MSLC11
Latest Price:
Model No.:  MSLC11
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Quick Details

Can be equipped with trolleys
Can be equipped with independent humidifier
Can be equipped with SPO2 module

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


Cost-effective Non-invasive Ventilator MSLC11

MSLC11 can be used in para treatment for patients with COVID-19


1.1 Intended use

The BiPAP is bi-level continuous positive airway pressure device that mainly used for home care and clinical treatment of obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS) or respiratory insufficiency.

This device is to be used only under the instruction of a licensed health care professional. Your home care provider will make the correct pressure settings according to your health care professional's prescription. You can set both the IPAP (inspiratory positive airway pressure) and the EPAP (expiratory positive airway pressure).

The humidifier cooperates with the host to provide the user with a air of suitable temperature and humidity to avoid drying of user's nasal mucosa and make comfort treatment. The host controls the humidifier's turning on/off, the principle of which is to heat the water in the chamber and make the air inhaled by the user with suitable temperature and humidity.

1.2 Application

Assistant therapy of respiratory disease,PHD(Pulmonary heart disease),COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),Motor neurons.

Bventilator is mainly used for patients with mild to moderate respiratory failure, no indication of emergency intubation, relatively stable vital signs and no taboo of noninvasive ventilation. It is used for early intervention and auxiliary evacuation of respiratory failure.

Non-invasive ventilator
Nowadays,COVID-19 which causedby the novel coronavirus outbreaks worldwide. The virus will quickly invadehuman lung cells and cause pneumonia, which will cause severe lower respiratory tract diseases, such as acute lung injuryand respiratory distress syndrome. 


1. Four work modes: CPAP,S,T,S/T,APCV.

2. APCV mode: Assist pressure control ventilation

3. Dynamically monitor the treatment effect

4. Real-time alarm in case of failure

5. Light weight: 2.0kg

6. Small size, color LCD display

7. Portable and easy to operate

8. Can be equipped with trolleys

9. Can be equipped with independent humidifier
10. Can be equipped with SPO2 module

11. Real-time display and monitoring of clinical use data of patients

12. Connect to Low-flow oxygen, for air-oxygen mixing

13. With VAF (Vital assurance function)

14. Max.IPAP: 30cmH2O


Some critical pati-entmay even have symptoms such as respiratory failure, refractory hypoxemia,shock,multiple organ failure,and coagulopathy.

For COVID-19,ventilator is one of the most effective treatments in the absence of specific drugs.Under ventilated, the blood oxygen of patient can be effectively improved and the mortality rate can be reduced.

Difference  F  E A  D B C
Screen 3.5 Inch color TFT
Inspiration Pressure 4-20cmH2O 4-25cmH2O 4-25cmH2O 4-25cmH2O 4-30cmH2O 4-30cmH2O
Inspiration sensitivity Auto,1-6 level
Expiration Pressure 4-18cmH2O 4-23cmH2O 4-23cmH2O 4-23cmH2O 4-25cmH2O 4-25cmH2O
Inspiration sensitivity Auto,1-6 level
VAF function No No No Yes, Tidal Volume 50~2000ml No Yes, Tidal Volume 50~2000ml
Accuracy ±0.5cmH20
Belex 1-3 level (2-4cm H2O), makes the expiration more comfortable
Ramp 0-60min
Islop 1-6 Level
BPM 3-40bpm
Inspiration time 0.5-4.0s
Noise <30dB
Auto on/off Auto off while tube/mask off, Auto on when it detects breath
Leakage compensation Yes
Altitude compensation Yes
SPO2 Yes
Humidifier 0-5 level,water chamber separable
Parameter monitor Flow/Press/BPM/VT/MV/LK/InspT/SpO2(Optional)/PR(Optional)
Realtime Alarm Power failure/Low voltage/Airway Block/Low MV/High Leakage/humidifier failure/TF card full/High Pressure/Low Pressure/Replace Filter
Data download TF Card 8G
Self-diagnostic questionnaire(Epworth) Yes, makes patient understand the potential breathing apnoea by himself.
Net Weight/size 2.2kg, 280*200*112mm(Host+humidifier)
Gross Weight/size 4.6KG,375*290*235mm
(Host+Humidifier+Handbag+Mask,Tube,Power adapter,Filter,Extension connector)
Warranty 2 years

1. Small size, color LCD display
2. Portable and easy to operate
3. Can be equipped with trolleys
4. Can be equipped with independent humidifier
5. Can be equipped with SPO2 module
6. Real-time display and monitoring of clinical use data of patients;
7. Connect to Low-flow oxygen, for air-oxygen mixing;
8. With VAF (Vital assurance function);
9. Max.IPAP: 30cmH2O;
10. Ventilation mode: CPAP, S, ST, T, APCV.

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