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Ventilator machine is one kind of our anesthesia ventilator, If this could not feed your requirement, just see other anesthesia machine, such as veterinary anesthesia machine, anesthesia ventilator, anesthesia gas machine, portable anesthesia machine.

Introduction of anesthesia machine: Do you want to know the technology of anesthesia machines?...

MSL cheap Ventilator equipment MSLVM06 for sale, ventilator price | ventilator machine price
Product Name:  Ventilator equipment MSLVM06 for sale
Latest Price: US$800-2667/Set
Model No.:  MSLVM06
Weight:  13 Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Quick Details

1.Used for first-aid, respiratory therapy and the whole offline process.
2.With the function of both invasive and noninvasive ventilation.
3.Fully electronic control, consist of Oxygen Concentration, Tidal volume and other parameters.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


Ventilator equipment MSLVM06 for sale

ventilator price | ventilator machine price

Ventilator equipment VM06

MSL Ventilator equipment MSLVM06 for sale Environmental Requirements

Relative humidity:     15%~95%
Ambient temperature:  -18~ 50°C
Atmospheric pressure: 
70kPa~ 110kPa
Gas source: 0.28~0.6Mpa 60I/min
Power:          AC220V, 50 Hz
Cheap Ventilator equipment MSLVM06 for sale Classification
ClassⅠType B—by protection against electric shock.
IPX4—by protection against harmful ingress of water or particulate matter. 

Best Ventilator equipment MSLVM06 for sale Indication

The patients with respiratory failure caused by central and peripheral nervous system diseases, thoracic and lung diseases,
neural and muscular system diseases, circulatory system diseases
ventilator price | ventilator machine price
Tidal Volume 50~2000ml
Respiratory Rate 1~100bpm
FiO2 40%~100%
Trigger -20~19hpa
Peak pressure 0~60 hPa
Max Minute Volume ≥22L/min
PEEP 0, 5~20hpa Adjustable
PIP 0~60hpa
Over Pressure Relief ≤ 7.2 kpa
Sigh OFF, 10~100 bpc
I :E 2:1~1:4  Adjustable
Package Dimension 570*460*250mm
Weight 13kg(Including all the accessories)
Monitors: Tidal Volume Alarms: High Airway Pressure
Oxygen Concentration Low Airway Pressure
Sigh Low Battery
Respiratory Rate Low Oxygen Source
CPAP pressure  
Peak Airway Pressure  
Time Pressure Wave Form  


Carrying bag

1, can put ventilator, oxygen cylinder and all the accessories in it, can use without taking them out.
2, carrying bags can be hand-held or shoulder, the weight is only 6KG.
3, the material is antiflaming and water-proof, with the design of warning reflection strip.
4, equipped with dedicated bags to place all the accessories.
5, Appearance design of the ventilator carrying bag (portable) has patent, Patent Number is ZL2012 3 0532513.9
used ventilator machine
mounting rack(Optional accessories)
1, It can be fixed in ambulance and other situations(two kinds of fixing method: the back type or the bottom type)
2, It can be taken out or fixed by only one hand which can save time and manpower.
3, Chinese Patent, Patent Number is ZL201010142197.4
Utility Model Patent, Patent Number is ZL201020153335.4
used Hospital ventilator machine for sale
Left of machine
1, design of gas-electric separation: the gas input and output function area is on the left of the ventilator
2, the size of all connectors are different, to avoid the wrong connection.
3, independent air intake is on top of the ventilator to ensure the providing of cleaning gas.
new ventilator machine for sale
Right of machine
1, design of gas-electric separation; the related function area of the power is on the right of the ventilator.
2, the power switch has its own indicator and buckler, indicate clearly, safe and reliable.
3, humanized design: DC and AC input can be distinguished by different connectors and colors, in order to
avoid wrong operation.
4, There is an outlet port on top of the ventilator, to prevent the consumption of the recessive gas which result in
oxygen-rich environment, thus increase the potential safety hazard.
advanced ventilator machine
Back of machine
1, Equipped with RS232 connector, which can do software upgrading without opening the rear cover.
2, fixing equipment of mounting rack, single-hole fixing type, make it easy to fix, assemble and unassembled.
3, send warning tone by the rear-mounted horn.
ventilator price | ventilator machine price
cheap Hospital ventilator machine for sale
display interface 1
1, 5.7 inch LCD panel, the screen is clear and the visual effect is good.
2, reasonable layout from bottom to top parameters control - curve display - parameters monitor.
portable Ventilator equipment
display interface 2
1, the bottom line displays the alarm setting, which can adjust directly by quick switch button or JogDial.
2, other parameters are the same as display interface 1.
cheap Ventilator equipment
Controlling button and knob
1, breath modes set by independent button, meet up with the need of quick use in first-aid.
2, button-lock function, prevent the wrong operation effectively.
3, JogDial can adjust all the parameters itself, simple to operate.
Ventilator equipment on sale
Core part 1
Proportional electromagnetic valve components:
1, American MAC proportional electromagnetic valve, quality is reliable.
2, as the core part of ventilator, it has a lifetime warranty, any stoppage, change new for free lifelong.
3, control technology of proportional electromagnetic valve, which can realize the precise digital control of Tidal
Volume and Oxygen Concentration.
best Hospital ventilator machine for sale
Core part 2
Quick coupling: French Legris quick coupling, which ensure a high quality.
advanced ventilator machine for sale
Power working environments:
Power supply mode

1、AC supply:100V~240V;50/60 Hz;1.35A

2、DC supply: DC12V, 0.8 A

3、Internal Li-battery14.8V,≥2200mAh and replaceable.

Li-Battery working duration

No less than 8 hours when full charged

Battery replacing method

1、DC input voltage inside machine, safe and reliable.
2、Battery located on bottom of back cover, visible when open the back cover.
3、Adopted American battery widget to avoid any mistakes for positive and negative terminals. 
MSL Hospital ventilator machine
Self  test
Self test function:
1、 Alarm and luminous indicator test
2、 Circuit connect test
3、 gas pressure test
4、 Internal battery capacity test
5、 Circuit leakage test
Ventilator equipment for sale
Airway pressure alarm
High airway pressure alarm: 5hPa ~60hPa adjustable
Low airway pressure:2hPa ~20hPa adjustable
Apnoea alarm
Low airway pressure trigger alarm
Low gas pressure
Low gas pressure alarm: sound and visual alarm when gas pressure lower than 0.28 Mpa and alarm duration no less
than 7s.
Low battery alarm
Visual alarm as soon as internal battery capacity less than 30 minutes.
new Hospital ventilator machine for sale
Oxygen cylinder parameters:
Aluminum alloy
Diameter: 108mm  height: 360mm
Input pressure
0.4MPa—0.45 MPa (static pressure)
Output flow
No less than 60L/min
cheap ventilator machine for sale

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