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CHISON provides life-time service for all produced ultrasound machines. Meanwhile, according to the warranty card enclosed in the packing box, the corresponding free warranty period is provided for the main unit and probe (transducer) from the date of Ex-factory.

Ecografie endovaginala Chison EBit 60 price
Product Name:  Ecografie endovaginala Chison EBit 60 price
Latest Price:
Model No.:  Chison EBit 60
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

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Internal Medicine
Small parts
General imaging
Intensive care

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Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


Ecografie endovaginala Chison EBit 60 price

The Chison EBit 60 provides all the power you need for today's challenging clinical environment, yet remain ultra-protable, ultra-affordable. With it's cutting-edge imaging technologies, precise and intuitive workflow, ergonomic and eco-friendly design, versatile transducers for all applications from top to toe, we firmly believe the EBit to be the very best protable ultrasound in its class today.
Chison EBit 60
Monitor, 15 "inches in size, high resolution, portable.
With the connector for two sensors.
Hard drive 500GB. USB connector, DICOM 3.0
Built-in battery. ECG module. Has the pedal, case.
Image modes:
B Mode
B/M Mode
M Mode
2B Mode
4B Mode
2D Steer (option)
CFM Mode
CPA Mode
DPD Mode
PW Mode
B/BC Mode (option)
Triplex Mode
CW Mode (option)
TDI (option)
Color M Mode (option)
Trapezoidal Mode
ECG (option)
Super Needle (option)
Multi Beam technology, μScan, 3D, Compound Imaging, Keystone image, cardio-vascular IMT, M-Tuning (optimization in 1-click),
CW Doppler, TDI
Five (5) sensors:
1) The linear - 192 elements. The frequency 4-18 MHz. The size of the head 38 mm.
Brackett of biopsy needle for linear sensor (multiple, metallic)
2) Cardiological / phased – 128 elements. The frequency 3.0 MHz. (for adult).
3) Cardiological / phased – 128 elements. The frequency 6.0 MHz. (for pediatric).
4) Convex small in size - 128 elements. The frequency /Micro convex / 5.0 MHz. (for pediatric). The size of the head R20 mm;
5) Convex - 128 elements. The frequency 3,5 MHz. The size of the head R50 mm;
Factory rack with the trolley using the wheels and brakes.
Device Weight (without sensors) 7, 5 kg 
CE certificate
Guarantee period – 1 year
Staff training during installation, by issuing the relevant certificate
Chison ultrasound Chison EBit 60
Mobility Innovative Design
1. Light Weight (7.5Kgs)
2. 15'' LED (rotatable 0o - 30o )
3. Removable battery, 120 minutes in active mode
4. Dual transducer prots
5. Built-in probe holders
7. Ergonomic trolley (accessory box, printer & probe holder)
8. Theft-proof lock
Clinic Versatility
A complete solution for ultrasound diagnosis
Internal Medicine
Small parts
General imaging
Intensive care
Ultra-Light desktop with 2 probe ports.
One key to full screen. 
Advanced Cardiac Package: CW ,TDI ,Semi-Automatic Trace ,Tei Index ,PISA.
Wide Clinic Applications: Cardiology,OB&GYN, Radiology ,Abdominal, Pediatric,MSK,Breast,Vascular and Small parts etc.
Breakthrough technologies:
FHI: maximize the resolution without losing penetration.
X-contrast:Adjust the contrast resolution to 3 levels according to the tissue difference.
Q-beam:Use quad-beam to receive signal that ensures better diagnostic confidence and efficiency.
AIO: Automatic image optimization by pressing one key so that Greatly reduce your time spending on the image.
ecografie transfontanelara Chison EBit 60
Company Background:
We’ve launched a new ultrasound product every year for 20 years. We have been applying ourselves to provide versatile ultrasounds that can satisfy clinic diagnostic need fully.
International Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center which is  a cancer research institute established in 1972 in Seattle. Washington, chooses CHISON Q9 Ultrasound equipement to test the effectiveness of MI drug they've been researching on. 
CHISON Q5, SONOTOUCH 30 are used in the Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Dept in the USA. We listen to the people who use our products inspire us to imagine what is possible.
 We make the sale with a complete product line, competitive pricing, and end-to-end support, value-added services.
Eco doppler carotidian Chison EBit 60
I.     Light Weight(7.5kg)
II.    15" LED (Rotatable 0°~30°)
III.   Removable battery,120 minutes in active mode
IV.   Dual transducer ports
V.    Ergonomic trolley(accessory box,printer & probe holders)
VI.   Full Screen display Mode 
VII.  Advanced Cardiac Packages
VIII. Innovative technologies:FHI,Q-image,X-contrast,Q-flow,Q-Beam
Ecografie parti moi Chison EBit 60

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